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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Apple Pie Kit

A friend of ours gave us some apples, a big bag of tart green apples, perfect for apple pie. I used some in baked oatmeal but there were too many to eat all at once. I decided to try out a trick another friend told me about, apple pie kits to go in the freezer. I prepared the apples as I normally would for an apple pie but instead of baking them right away I put the pie filling into freezer bags. I now have two apple pie kits in my freezer, ready to go. I just have to thaw, put into a crust and bake.

I'm lazy and don't peel my apples when I bake a pie! I slice and core them. This time I decided to chop the apples into smaller pieces.

I don't use a recipe when making pies, I just do everything to taste. In this case add enough sugar and cinnamon to sweeten the apples and a little flour to thicken the juices.

Place each bowl full (about 2.5 to 3.5 apples) into a freezer bag until you are ready to use. Thaw, place in pie crust and bake.

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Sarah Ondracek said...

Can you say SMART? Great idea!