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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tissue paper pompoms

I love making tissue paper pompoms! They are great for so many things. I have used them several years as decorations at the girls' birthday parties and have made some for their rooms as well. I actually first learned how to make these at a friend's wedding a few years ago (Jamie *wink*wink*). The possibilities are endless! They are simple and affordable and there are endless colors of tissue paper. The Dollar Store often has a package of multi-colored paper that has enough sheets to make several pompoms. You can't beat a dollar!


Tissue paper
Double-sided tape

Steps (pictures below):

  1. Cut tissue paper to desired size, in the shape of a rectangle. Keep in mind the larger the rectangle the larger the pompom or the smaller the rectangle the smaller the pompom.

  2. Layer the tissue paper; the more layers the thicker the pompom. You can do different colors every couple layers for a multi-colored pompom or just use one color tissue paper for a solid color pompom.

  3. Fold the tissue paper accordion style, just like making a paper fan.

  4. Tie a small piece of ribbon in the center of the accordion folded tissue you paper.

  5. On both ends place a piece of double-sided tape and fold the ends together. Your folded tissue paper should now look like a circle.

  6. Slowly and gently pull apart the layers of the tissue paper.

  7. To hang tie a piece of ribbon or fishing line to the ribbon at the center. You can also tie it to branches. I made this blue one for Jilian’s room and tied it to a branch.

1 comment:

Jamie Swan said...

Love those pompoms! Haven't made them since the wedding but they are easy and make such an impact as a decoration!