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Friday, September 16, 2011

The newest member of our family

A week ago today we brought Daisy, a loppy-eared bunny, home to live with us. Our local pet store had surprise baby bunnies arrive (someone donated "Tom" the bunny to the store well a few weeks later "Tom" had four babies!). Grace has had her own lop, Tulip, for four years and Jilian has been eagerly awaiting the chance to have her own. After seeing the babies at the pet store, Jilian picked one out and we patiently waited for them to grow. Almost daily Jilian says "thank you mommy and daddy for my Daisy", SO sweet! Daisy is super sweet too and lives in Jilian's room (in a cage, of course!).


Jamie Swan said...

Jilian will love taking care of Daisy! And with the example Grace already doing it - magic! How's the start of the school year been? Is Jilian only going a few days a week?

Russell Family said...

So sweet!!!