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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A little bit of our Summer

Camping. We love to find a place in National Forest where we see no one but each other for a few days. It is great fun to relax, explore nature and be a family.

Addie the snake. We found "her" on our first camping trip and Jilian fell in love. For a little girl that is scared of most things, she LOVED the snake. Addie spent the remainder of the summer with us until we let her go.

LOTS of Blueberries!

Disclaimer: Please excuse all the collages, just started playing with the program PhotoScape! It is so fun and easy!! I took over a hundred pictures on our first camping trip so I needed to condense!! :-)


Sally said...

Looks like fun, Sarah! I don't mind your collages however if you can download them BIGGER, it would be nice. I click on them and they are still itty bitty. I wanna see em BIG. :) Love reading about your summer (even the snake). :)

Jamie Swan said...

Go photoscape! Looks great. I love how it helps me condense my posts instead of having pages and pages of photos! Well done.