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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grace turns TEN!

It is VERY hard to believe that my first born is now double digits! Ten years has flown by so fast it makes me nervous for the next ten years...then she'll be twenty Yikes, mild freak out moment! Anyway back to today. To celebrate Grace and her turning ten she wanted to have a beach party, so instead of pretending we had a beach in our yard we took her and three friends to the beach. It was a long day but in the end it was perfect! The weather was a little worrisome at the start but God gave us beautiful weather. Grace had an awesome time playing in the waves, playing in the sand and climbing rocks. It turned out to be one of the easiest parties, there was no decorating and my house stayed clean! :-)

All grown up and beautiful!

With Daddy at dinner

My sushi girl

The sushi restaurant we went to, Crazy Sushi, turns CRAZY on birthdays, flashing lights, singing and poppers, it was great!

Grace choose these colors and invites for her party. Of course I loved the vintage feel of the Woodie wagon and surf board! :-) I purchased the invites from The Tomkat Studio

Her favorite drink

For favors we gave each friend a beach towel. I made the coordinating tag that read "Thanks for coming!".

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Russell Family said...

It seems like every year goes by faster :) Looks like a really fun party! Great idea!!