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Monday, April 4, 2011

Keeping Christ in Easter

Jilian's picture of the eggs :)

Last year we came clean and told Grace there was no Easter bunny (and decided that we wouldn't tell Jilian there was one). She asked one afternoon, "is there really a bunny that leaves eggs and baskets?" "What do you think?" was my reply. "NO!" she said. She could see the silliness in the whole thing. It was a very freeing moment for me! I no longer had to keep up with the story. Grace has known from a young age the real reason we celebrate Easter but we had participated in the bunny tale as well. We still dye eggs, hunt for them and a special basket filled with treats but the girls know it is for fun and that it is mom and dad, not the Easter bunny.

It has helped to shift our focus back to Christ, His sacrifice for us and our responsibility in teaching our girls about Him. Easter can be difficult to relay to children. Some of the aspects of the Easter story (even for me sometimes!) can be hard to understand. An excellent resource in sharing the Truth about Easter are the Resurrection Eggs. A dozen colorful plastic eggs, each one filled with a different piece of the Easter story. A crown of thorns, a donkey, some coins. The eggs also come with a booklet to help guide you through sharing this story with your children.

Today as I went through the eggs with Jilian, I shared about what was in each egg from my own knowledge of the story, using words I knew she would understand. It was neat, she got it! You could see her contemplating what I was sharing with her, she was even sad for Jesus, yet happy when He returned Home. I found my Resurrection Eggs at a local Christian bookstore several years ago but I know they are online. Amazon carries them HERE and you can also do a Google search for Resurrection Eggs and a long list pops-up.


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