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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jilian in Wonderland...

Looking over the girls' birthday pictures from last month I remembered that I never shared Jilian's Alice in Wonderland 4th birthday party from last year!! Better, very, late, then never, I suppose!

Jilian still adores Alice and is even asking to be her for Halloween this year. Last year she had a very merry unbirthday tea party with her friends.

Before games and as guests arrived, there were coloring sheets of Alice having tea.

Let the games begin! Pin the grin on the Cheshire cat.

Even daddy played along! We were going to play croquet, but it rained, so we played musical chairs (I didn't get a good picture...)

The tea table

Cupcakes, brownies, m&ms...some of Jilian's favorites.

Pink lemonade instead of tea, strawberries and sugar toasts, Jilian's special requests.

Precious birthday girl!

Tea time!


Treat bags...

Each girl got a handmade bow. The one special boy got a bouncy ball. For the lolly pops, I took tootsie pops, unwrapped them and rewrapped with plastic wrap and tied with a ribbon.

The aftermath...

The birthday girl and friends! It was a fun day!

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