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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A special ride to school

At Grace's school carnival we won her a ride to school with a police officer. This morning, Officer Gwyn, came and picked-up Grace at 8am (she was actually early to school!). Grace was nervous but very excited too! She got to turn on the lights, see all the gadgets on the inside and rode in the back :-) of the car. I got to follow them to school. Of course lots of heads were turning as we pulled in! I'm happy this was a FUN experience and hope that it stays that way in the future!!

Grace getting in the back of the car

Turning on the lights

Grace with Officer Gwyn

Grace in front of the police car, I wonder what the neighbors were thinking?!

At school

I always knew I was a bad mom!

I couldn't get out until Grace opened the door!


Sarah Ondracek said...

Love the picture of you on the back! Looks like Grace had a blast:)

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

I bet Grace got a kick out of you being behind bars. Hopefully that's the last time we'll see you in the back seat of a police car! ;)

I'm so glad Grace had such a fun time...I bet she'll be talking about it for awhile!

Tammy Williams said...

How fun! I love the back seat picture of you behind bars. Grace looks like she is having fun too.