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Friday, June 25, 2010

Field Trip Fridays

My girls tend to get bored when hanging out at home day in and day out during the summer. When they get bored often they fight or misbehave. So this summer I decided to start Field Trip Friday. A day to do something fun, maybe free and simple like a picnic at a park or something fun like a trip to the museum or zoo. I work best when things are planned and on the calendar otherwise the days come and go. I do agree that children need to learn to be bored and create things to do but it is fun to go places too! Last week was our first official week of summer. Our field trip ended up being on Thursday but we still went. This week it will be on Saturday with Daddy (a day in the mountains) but at least I have a day in mind! :-)

Our first field trip of the summer was strawberry picking. We had great fun and both the girls talked about it for days. Of course the reward was yummy!

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