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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Craft Therapy

Jilian, my sweet baby girl is now almost three and giving me a run for my money!! She has been so sweet and easy going that I thought we might make it through two and three without many trails, boy was I wrong! In the last month or so she has been pushing the limits and is go-go from the minute she wakes up! Nap time has been mine AND Grace's peaceful time. Yesterday we both needed some "craft therapy"! Crafting is my happy place! I wanted to share what we created. Of course they are Forth of July inspired!

While Grace played a few games, I made these:

Inspired by some pictures I saw in Country Living Magazine, I added a few things to a candle holder lantern.

I'm not sure what to call the embellishment I made here. It kind of reminds me of the ribbons you win at a county fair! I made it by folding a piece of flag scrapbook paper like a fan and stapled the sides together so it would stay open. I printed a vintage 4th of July image and cut out the center. I added a piece of sparkly white ribbon and glitter on each gold star. Then put it all together with pop-dots.

I printed a vintage 4th of July postcard on cream card stock and mog podged it to a wooden block. I also, added strips of red card stock on the top and two sides before adding the red, white and blue striped ribbon. Of course I had to add a little glitter!

Added a few flags to our mantle...

Moved the metal Freedom sign from the office bookshelf to the red shelf by our front door.

I took a 5x5 white canvas, added a 5x5 piece of old glory scrapbook paper. I then printed another vintage 4th of July postcard and mog podged it to the canvas, added some bling and tags cut out of the old glory paper. It rests on a mini-art display stand I got at JoAnns for .79 cents.

Together, Grace and I created these Popsicle flags. We hot-glued 6 Popsicle sticks on to one "flag pole". You should really do seven if you want the colors to start and end with red, as the real flag does. We criss-crossed two Popsicle sticks across the back to reinforce the flag. Since I LOVE spray paint. We sprayed painted them white and then hand painted the red and blue. Easy and fun!

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