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Monday, July 26, 2010

A trip to the water park for Grace's Birthday

After our birthday marathon a week ago I needed a break! I didn't blog or create anything for a week, it felt great. After preparing for the girls' birthdays my mind was on overload! But I'm ready to share a few things! :-)

The day of Grace's birthday was also Field Trip Friday. Last summer we made it to the water park, only once (much to Grace's disappointment) in Wilsonville, she loved it and wanted to spend her birthday there. So we invited some of our good friends, Brynn and Jolee and we played at the park, in the water, had a picnic and got ice cream on our way home. It was a fun day!

Still a little in shock that my first born is NINE years old already!!

We had to start the day with a couple gifts, of course!

Grace loves fairies, so I got her a book about flower fairies.

When I asked Jilian what she wanted to get Grace for her birthday, she whispered in my ear "chocolate donuts and peanut butter toast". *my heart melted!* We skipped the peanut butter toast, a little messy to wrap but we did get her a bag of chocolate donuts!

The girls opened a joint gift together, Make Your Own Book. You design the book, mail it off and it is returned a hardbound book! They girls decided to write (and draw) a book about being sisters.

The water park!


Paula said...

Looks like a super fun water park birthday!

Sorry I'm sooooo late thanking you for the wonderful Whimsy Jar that you put togethe. I absolutely love it and have used a few of the fun goodies already. Thanks much!!!

tips4green said...

Hello! I am a new follower. I found you on New Friend Friday! Great blog you have here. Hope you stop on by. Have a wonderful weekend! I look forward to your posts!!