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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tomorrow is December 1st!!

I can hardly believe that the Christmas season is upon us, already! I am pushing aside my feelings of being overwhelmed about all that needs to be done and am instead focusing on the Joy of the season, the reason for celebrating, Christ my Savior and preparing my heart to make this season memorable and FUN for my family.

To do that I am going to repeat what I started last year, celebrate 25 days of Christmas, with a simple activity each day. It can be overwhelming to think of doing something each day but keep it simple. Incorporate the things you are going to do anyway such as Christmas programs, getting a Christmas tree, a visit with Santa or attending Christmas Eve service and make that the activity for the day.

Also, look at your schedule, don't plan an activity that takes time on a day that is already busy. That will be stressful and you are likely to give up on the activity. If a day of the week is full with outside activities then keep the Christmas activity simple, like reading a Christmas story or listening to Christmas music in the car while driving to your activity.

This time of year is meant to be joyous and peaceful as we reflect on the gift of Christ and the gift of our family. Have fun and do want works well for your family.

Here is our list of activities. I print the list, cut them in strips and place them inside each little door of our advent calendar.

Leave a comment with your email address if you would like me to email you a Word document of this list.


1st Wednesday Weave Danish hearts for the Christmas tree

2nd Thursday Attend the town Christmas tree lighting celebration

3rd Friday Make a popcorn chain

4th Saturday Cut down Christmas tree and decorate while listening to
Christmas music.

5th Sunday St. Nicholas Day - learn the history of St. Nicholas, celebrate the
German tradition

6th Monday Watch a Charlie Brown Christmas

7th Tuesday Do a secret act of kindness

8th Wednesday Sing the 12 Days of Christmas and learn the history behind the song

9th Thursday Read the story of Jesus’ birth from Luke

10th Friday Watch Veggie Tale’s It’s a Meaningful Life, at our sister church

11th Saturday Make Christmas gifts with the girls

12th Sunday Take a drive at night and look at Christmas lights

13th Monday Bake Christmas cookies

14th Tuesday Build a ginger bread house

15th Wednesday Write a Christmas poem

16th Thursday Watch Grace in her school Christmas program, enjoy cookies and punch
with school families.

17th Friday Listen to Christmas music while traveling to see family

18th Saturday Celebrate Christmas with extended family

19th Sunday Read a Christmas story

20th Monday Watch the Polar Express and eat popcorn

21st Tuesday Donate gently used stuff animals to hospital emergency room

22nd Wednesday Bake Jesus a birthday cake

23rd Thursday Watch Grace in church Christmas program

24th Friday Make Albeskivers for dinner and open one gift

25th Saturday Christmas Day! Gives thanks for Christ our Savior!

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bug2330 said...

Love it! I am already a day behind, but I'm pretty sure my kids will forgive me. Instead of you having to send me the list can I just copy and paste from here? I'm gonna try it and hope it works. I'll let you know! =-)