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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A moment of JOY and... more matchboxes

So Tuesday morning I woke and declared to myself, "today, I am going to have a good day!" I have been feeling overwhelmed with my Christmas and daily to-do lists and wanted to experience JOY. It was so simple really, I consciously made the choice to focus on Christ, to ponder the reason we are celebrating and to listen to worship Christmas music. A funny thing happened, even though I was washing dishes, sewing a Christmas gift while helping Jilian, doing laundry and on and on. I had one of the BEST days I have had in a really long time! I experienced JOY and it was so simple. I just had to choose to keep my mind centered on Christ and not on the to-do list and the next thing to be done and to accept the fact that there will be interuptions (from little people). I share this to offer encouragement. We expect so much of ourselves this time of year and others expect a lot of us. But if we choose to keep our mind on the "reason for the season" then we can enjoy it, not survive it.

Matchbox #12 comes from Bonnie at Bonnie Lass' Art Cafe.

Matchbox #13 was made by Wendy at Stitch Duchess' Crazy and Sane Quilting World

Matchbox #14 was made by JoAnne at Vintage Dragonfly

Matchbox #15 comes from Jenna at Corgi Pants

Thanks to Genie from Buttons for Baga I now know the creator of matchbox #7! She too received a matchbox from Marcia over at Vintage French Hen and recognized the stamped cloth. Thank you Genie for helping me out and thank you Marcia for the beautiful matchbox!


Christine Edwards said...

What a lovely post, and probably something we all need to keep in mind. It is so easy to let be overwhelmed by the "to-do" list and let it turn us into the Grinch. Thank you so much for the Day 18 matchbox I received today. Wishing you the best for a wonderful Christmas.

Linda said...

Such sweet matchboxes! Thanks for sharing them!

Lisa Grace said...

Thanks for stopping by Graceful Abandon; enjoyed finding your blog. I love creative ideas!