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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vintage Thingies Thursday and more matchboxes

This plate was pictured in my post yesterday but I wanted to highlight it today for Vintage Thingies Thursday over at The Colorado Lady. I found it at a friend's yard sale this summer for .50 cents. I was SO excited, I had to have it! It is from Christmas 1977, the year I was born and my first Christmas. The candles next to it are vintage candles my mom gave to me this year, they were my grandma's. The trees have changed shape a little over the years but they still stand tall! And I think the Santa is so sweet.

Also, found at a rummage sale this summer are these amazing red, glass vintage ornaments, in their original box. When I found them I was instantly in love! I wanted to find a special way to use them this Christmas and decided for the first time that to have my own tree (the girls each have their own, why can't I :-). I really wanted a tinsel tree but those are hard to find. So I found this white one and sprayed it with glitter.

This summer was the summer for vintage Christmas finds! I found these Santa candles at a yard sale too. They are so cute! I didn't decorate with them this year but I hope to next year.

The swap of matchboxes is almost over! I'll be sad to not have a little gift to open each day...but I'll be taking less blog pictures! :-)

I must add a disclaimer here: I have tried my best to keep all my matchboxes in order but with two little girls helping me and getting behind from time to time, mistakes are bound to happen. If I happen to label a matchbox wrong, I'm sorry and please let me know so I can correct it! :-)

Matchbox #16 was made by Nancy at Sewing Pretty, shimmery matchbox. Tucked inside was a paper angel, beautiful with lots of detail.

Matchbox #17 is from Becky at Patchwork Posse A sweet gingerbread house adorns Becky's matchbox. Inside was a mini reindeer ornament.

Matchbox #18 was created by Denise at Denise Marie Christmas Love the message of Wonder and the bling on her matchbox. I really like the angel pin that was inside.

Matchbox #19 came from Patty at Blooming in Kansas A precious matchbox with angel wings tucked inside.

Matchbox #20 was made by Shannon at Quilting in Pinks, Bulldogs at My Side Of course I love the RED bird! Hidden inside was a bookmark made from shimmery silver tread with a small pink bell and charm that reads "JOY". Love it!

Matchbox #21 is from Kelly over at Cherry Kingdom. It is beautiful with lots of details, I love the sparkle. Inside was a sheet of mini paper dolls (I was hoping for one since I saw them on another swapper's blog!) and a glittery tree pin.

Matchbox #22 came from Jenny at The Red Bulletin Board. A pretty matchbox, I find the mini wreath charming, she wrapped it in a piece of paper from a pattern, very creative! Tucked inside was a silver star ornament.


Jenny S said...

Thanks!! No, I did not make the wreath, just had them around!! I wrap everything in patterns!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

What charming vintage ornaments you have and your matchbox swap sounds like so much fun!

Wishing you the merriest of Christmases and much joy in 2011!

LV said...

You really had field day on finding all these neat things. I enjoyed seeing them all. Nice post for today.

Postcardy said...

I like your Christmas plate. It's nice you found one with your birth year.

Anna said...

The Christmas plate is a very cool find. I looove your ornaments and they look stunning on your white tree. Awesome! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Linda said...

Delightful vintage goodies and matchboxes! I just wanted to stop in and wish you a Merry Christmas and to thank you for participating in the Matchbox Swap! Linda

Margie said...

What a fun post! Your plate and vintage candles are great, and I LOVE your white tree with the red decorations, very lovely! The matchbox swap looks like soooooo much fun! I would have loved to be a part of that! Hopefully next year it will be done again!

Have a lovely week!

BonnieLass said...

Thank you for my pretty little matchbox #24! Love your blog. You are very creative. Hope you have a wonderful 2011.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

You have such a great eye for vintage things. I'd say I'd keep a look out for you while I'm out garage saling, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't know what to look for! ;)