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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

25 Names of God

I think I might seriously go into shock when I wake tomorrow morning to the fact that it is DECEMBER 1st!! I've said it a million times but time sure does fly!

With December first comes the count down to Christmas. Over the last few years we have celebrated the anticipation with various advent activities, crafts, outings, stories etc. But last year I felt very convicted that our focus was not on Christ as much as it should be. Not that Christmas crafts or outings are bad but I just felt the tug to make this Christmas even more about anticipating the birth of Christ, our greatest gift of all.

Instead of putting slips of paper with our daily advent activity inside our advent calendar doors, tucked inside will be a different name of God. Now try limiting it to 25 names, it was hard! Below is the list of names and Scripture references that we will be reading each day. I'm excited to see how this will bring us closer to Him and expand our knowledge of who He is. Not just for my girls to learn but for Jeremy and I as well.

25 Names of God

TEACHER: John 13:13

TRUE LIGHT: John 1:9

JEHOVAH-SHALOM: Judges 6:24 meaning: "The Lord is peace"


BREAD OF LIFE: John 6:35

COMFORTER: John 14:26

COUNSELOR: Isaiah 9:6

CREATOR: 1 Peter 4:19

DELIVERER: Romans 11:26


FOUNDATION: 1 Cor. 3:11

FRIEND: Matthew 11:19

GENTLE WHISPER: 1 Kings 19:12

GOD WHO SEES ME: Genesis 16:13


GUIDE: Psalm 48:14

HOLY ONE: Acts 2:27

HOPE: Titus 2:13

KING OF KINGS: 1 Timothy 6:15


MESSIAH: John 4:25, Redeemer

OUR PEACE & PRINCE OF PEACE: Ephesians 2:14 & Isaiah 9:6

POTTER: Isaiah 64:8

REDEEMER: Job 19:25

SAVIOR: Luke 2:11

Merry Christmas

Just for fun...

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Darlene Schacht said...

That is beautiful. I love it! I wish I had awesome ideas like this!