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Friday, September 13, 2013

My first born is almost grown

My girl is another year older. I have really mixed feelings about that. Part of me misses the sweet baby smell and the cuteness of little toes but then another part of me very much enjoys engaging in deep conversations with Grace or spending time together doing more "grown-up" things like getting coffee (decaf for her of course) or shopping.

Grace is now TWELVE. I really do not know where all the years have gone! She has taken me on quite the journey! I have learned more about myself from mothering than probably anything else. She is both beautiful inside and out. Creative, compassionate, smart, adventurous, spirited, cuddly (yes even at twelve :-) but man does she keep you on your toes! From the moment she was born she knew what she wanted and she let you know. She has always had a will of stone. The "traditional" approaches to parenting don't work with Grace. You have to be very creative to find something that works.

I can remember when she was two, putting her in her first time out, boy was she unhappy. I thought "ok, I've found something that will help teach her"...HA! The time came for a second time out and she gleefully ran to the time out chair as if it was her favorite past time! Even at a young age she has left me speechless. The questions she has asked, her view of the world or her cut right through you comments. So speechless that the only thing I could do was walk away. Even though it has been rough at times it has been absolutely glorious other times. I would not trade her for anything. I pray earnestly that she will grow into a woman that will use her passion and spark to glorify Jesus. That she will be whole and filled to the brim with His joy.

Shortly after her 12th birthday Grace & I spent an afternoon taking pictures. 

Love you!

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