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Monday, September 9, 2013


A couple weeks ago I was playing on my phone (something I said I would never do before I had a smart phone!) on Instagram looking at new creative "strangers" to follow. :-) And I came across a creative mom, photographer, artsy kind of person, my kind of lady. I browsed her photos and read her short-n-sweet bio which read something like "living the life I dreamed of...." For some odd reason I was jealous! I thought "Ha, that must be nice! Living the life you dreamed of, aren't you lucky?!" Over the next few days God started to speak to my heart. Why was my response so harsh? So negative? Aren't I living the life I dreamed of? Then like a ton of bricks it hit me, I AM living the life I dreamed of. The life of a wife, mother and homemaker. It is EXACTLY what my day dreams were made of. Then why such an ugly response? It is perspective. My perspective these days has been on the rough patches. I've been missing the beauty. I'm sad to say I just didn't see that my life is what I have always wanted. But it looks differently than I expected. It's messy, tough some days, beautiful the next, fun, sad, exciting, scary. I suspect I believed it would be clean and tidy, easy and breezy (yes, cheesy I know!) but it is the truth. Once I realized that my perspective was off my mood has been so much better and I have even been nicer to my family. The key is to remember. I know I'll forgot, I always do but I pray I'll remember quickly.  

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