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Monday, November 30, 2009

Advent Activity Calendar

This year I am trying a new tradition, celebrating the season with a simple Christmas activity each day. I'm hoping these activities will be an opportunity for my family to STOP and enjoy each other and reflect on what this season is really about...the birth of our Lord and Savior.

I created a calendar of activities and made sure that the activity of the day fit into our schedule. For example I didn't plan on baking Christmas cookies on a school night after dance class. I want to enjoy this time!

Here is my list. I cut them into strips and placed one in each door of this great advent calendar my husband's Aunt gave us for Christmas last year.

1st Tuesday ~ Make Christmas tree ornaments
2nd Wednesday ~ Make Christmas train
3rd Thursday ~ Sing a Christmas carol
4th Friday ~ Make a popcorn chain
5th Saturday ~ Cut down Christmas tree, decorate & listen to Christmas music.
6th Sunday ~ St. Nicolas Day write a letter to Santa
7th Monday ~ Do a secret act of kindness
8th Tuesday ~ Read a Christmas story
9th Wednesday ~ Buy gift for Giving Tree
10th Thursday ~ Watch Grace in her Christmas program
11th Friday ~ Make Christmas gifts
12th Saturday ~ Take a drive at night and look at Christmas lights
13th Sunday ~ Bake Christmas cookies
14th Monday ~ Read the story of Jesus’ birth from Luke
15th Tuesday ~ Learn a Christmas poem
16th Wednesday ~ Watch a Charlie Brown Christmas
17th Thursday ~ Read a Christmas story
18th Friday ~ Build a ginger bread house
19th Saturday ~ Celebrate Christmas with extended family
20th Sunday ~ Go see the Nutcracker Ballet
21st Monday ~ Donate gently used stuff animals to hospital emergency room
22nd Tuesday ~ Learn new Danish tradition
23rd Wednesday ~ Bake Jesus a birthday cake
24th Thursday ~ Attend Christmas Eve service
25th Friday ~ Christmas Day! Honor Christ with prayer and thanksgiving

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Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

This will be so fun! We're doing the same thing, but using the felt advent calendar with pockets that my mom made us last year. I love that it can just be a simple activity and that would count for the day. Thanks for posting your list...I might be borrowing some ideas!! Thanks for sharing!!