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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life needs to be fun!

My natural tendacy is to take life way too seriously! I often get stuck on my to do list and forget to take time to have fun and be silly. For the last few weeks I've been hearing a little voice saying CELEBRATE, each day is worthy of celebration. What a treat that would be for my girls and for Jeremy, if I could embrace each day as a celebration. I LOVE me a good party and the party planning is my favorite part!

I've fallen in-love with paper straws!! I've seen them on Etsy and Pinterest and they just make my heart sing! For no reason at all, other then to treat my girls to something special, I ordered these super cute paper straws in blue patterns from Sweet Estelle's Baking Supplies. I got (or rather, am getting soon) 24 for $6.55 including shipping.

They even came with a .pdf file of these super cute flags!

A sweet friend of mine had a garage sale and she set aside some vintage goodies for me to sort through. In the stash I found two vintage milk bottles. Ah..they are going to look SO cute with the paper straws and maybe pink milk?!

Looking forward to adding a simply fun addition to my girls drinks.

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