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Friday, May 18, 2012

My to do list....

The SUN has been here for almost THREE WHOLE WEEKS!!! This is a HUGE treat this time year! We do get the sun in May but not for such a prolonged period of time. It has been wonderful to say the least. BUT with the sun, usually, comes the desire to GET THINGS DONE (this desire battles with the desire to sit...long...outside and do nothing, except drink iced tea)! So, I was thinking, maybe if I shared my to do list with all of you, I might actually get something done.

To Do List Spring/Summer 2012

Sort through girls' clothes and donate unneeded items
Sort through girls' toys and books and donate unneeded items
Bring out summer clothes
Paint the front room
Paint the upstairs hallway
Hang pictures above couch in front room
Print the pictures that will be hang above couch!
Organize sewing room
Finish playroom mini makeover
Sew new bed skirt
Plan summer activities

I know there is A LOT more, as if that list isn't long enough. But that's a start. Thanks for reading!

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